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Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Amazing What God Will Give You PASSION for, WITHOUT Your PERMISSION!!

You know, I’ve heard for many years the following statement, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”  In response to that I would say, “that’s a silly statement because whether you love it or not, it’s still work”.  Well, now that I’m older and I’m doing what I ABSOLUTELY love….I Get It.  When I do anything related to Autism, Advocacy, Special Needs, Awareness, Volunteering, etc. it’s not work….It’s my life.  It’s what God gave me Passion for, without my permission!!

Think about your life and the things you are passionate about.  You are generally passionate about it because you are directly affected by it because of a family member, a friend, your neighborhood, your upbringing, your childhood, your experiences, etc.  You tend to be passionate about things that bring you joy and happiness easily.  For me, having a positive affect on the Special Needs Community and the families affected by Special Needs (including my own), brings me joy.  It’s what God gave me Passion for, without my permission!!

My outlook on my son’s autism and how it affects our family and friends is that God Chose Me.  This is not just a phrase; it’s a way of life, OUR way of life!!  It’s our way of thinking.  It’s how we cope.  It’s what we believe. It’s what is TRUE!!  Having a child with special needs is not easy; we just make it look that way.  Teaching a child with special needs is not easy, but the talented teachers that do (and have worked) with our son; make it look that way.  The God Chose Me book and message was given to me by God because it needs to be said boldly and fearlessly; and that’s who I am…Bold and Fearless.  It is a heartfelt message that will some day help millions.  It’s what God gave me Passion for, without my permission!!

Friends, family and acquaintances are helping me fulfill my goals for the Differently-Abled community and have afforded me many unforgettable moments.  Most of the time, (without even asking); they have helped me spread this message of acceptance and advocacy by notifying me of events, recommending me for speaking engagements and arranging celebrity introductions.  My passion for God Chose Me is GENUINE.  Those who recognize it are moved and want to do all they can to be a part of this powerful message.  I truly believe that everyone I have spoken to about God Chose Me, will not forget what the book is about, that my sons autism inspired it, that my daughter is the illustrator or that my husband is our strength.  Because, It’s what God gave me Passion for, without my permission!!

Find your passion; find out what gives you joy and find a way to do it so you can have that happiness. Don’t make your passion, MY passion; make it YOURS.  Your passion may be shopping, cooking, dancing, exercising, organizing, cleaning, etc.  Make what you love your hobby.  After that, make what you love your job. Then, “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”.  Find YOUR Passion, I know mine; God gave it to me without my permission, and I’m so glad he did!! 

Laugh Loud Storyà The literal thinking of a child with Autism. My husband and I were walking my son into school hand-in-hand; my husband on the left, me on the right.  We are working with my son on the “Wh” words; Who-What-When-Where and Why.  I figured walking into the school was the perfect, teachable moment with Mommy and Daddy.  I said to him; “JP, WHO are you walking into school with”?  He proudly looked up at me as he continued in stride towards the school and answered my question with this answer……"Feet"!!  lol, you gotta laugh lol

Take Care!!!  Laugh Loud, Think Positive and Dream Bigg!!


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